Katie & Jason // Engagement

This past week I had the pleasure of doing engagement photographs for the lovely Katie & Jason. We took a trip over to Seaport Village and wandered around for a while. Katie and Jason love each other almost as much as they love Comic-Con (which is where they met). They are perfect for each other and it easily shows in their pictures.

I hope you enjoy the preview!! Congrats Katie & Jason I can’t wait to photograph your wedding day.


Katie & Jason-1.jpg

Katie & Jason-43.jpg

Katie & Jason-104.jpg

Katie & Jason-12.jpg

Katie & Jason-83.jpg

Katie & Jason-26.jpg

Katie & Jason-18.jpg

Katie & Jason-17.jpg

Katie & Jason-80.jpg

Katie & Jason-79.jpg

Katie & Jason-114.jpg

Katie & Jason-7.jpg

Katie & Jason-105.jpg

Katie & Jason-78.jpg

Katie & Jason-38.jpg

Katie & Jason-10.jpg

Katie & Jason-36.jpg

Katie & Jason-3.jpg

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