Lindsey || Downtown Tampa, FL

Last week Lindsey, myself, and her mom went to downtown and we took some portfolio pictures for Lindsey.

Can I say wow!! As most clients are she was a tad bit nervous before her session… I think she killed it. It just goes to show, being yourself can make for the best photos. I think she did a great job showing off different parts of her personality. I had so much fun capturing each emotion she was trying to convey. I see big things ahead for this one!!

I hope you all enjoy the photos as much as I do!



If most of you don’t know I am a big of an animal lover (( to put it lightly)) and recently I fell in love with Sea turtles. I mean how can you not love these graceful, grass-eating marine creatures.

“Fin, noggin, DUDE! ” Amiright?

Well, one thing I found out while studying them in the Bahamas was that there is a huge problem with something that we as humans use on the daily. Who would have guessed that this problem could come from such a tiny, overused product. The culpret: STRAWS!  Straws are a giant harm to sea turtles and lots of marine animals. Don’t get me wrong, when I am sipping on my venti iced coffee from Starbucks, I can’t help but have a straw so I am right there with you.  I am not saying give up straws entirely, but make the switch to metal, or reusable straws. Over 500,000,000 plastic straws are used each day in the US ( Plastic Pollution Coalition) and believe it or not most people just toss them into the garbage and that’s the end of the story, however most don’t realize these straws contribute a giant amount to plastic pollution and our little turtle dudes aren’t a fan. These straws get stuck up turtle’s noses and can cause extreme harm (see video below). All I ask is skip the straw, try it a few times when going out to eat, you’ll be surprised how easy it actually is and that’s coming from a big time straw-lover. We replaced all the straws in our household with stainless steel metal straws, every time I use one I just think about all the turtles and marine life I am sparing from harm, try it and see, you won’t be disappointed!


**Somewhat Graphic Content


Check out these alternative reusable straws, trust me your turtle friends thank you!! #saynotostraws #PlasticPollutes

Screen Shot 2017-06-21 at 1.08.41 PMScreen Shot 2017-06-21 at 1.06.42 PM


Leighton || Newborn|| Alpharetta,GA

Last week I had the chance to meet adorable baby Leighton, this sweet little girl was as mellow as her parents, who by the way are doing a great job! (Way to go Jenn & Adam). I can’t wait to watch her grow! Newborn photos are always fun, you get to see a little glimpse of who that baby will grow into, and little parts of their personality forming.

I hope you enjoy the pictures as much as I do!!





Garrison Family Session

It was such a pleasure to photograph the lovely Garrison Family. We beat the heat (barley) on an early morning session in Fred Ball Park. The boys enjoy watching all the squirrels run around as well as the garbage trucks, while mom and dad tried not to melt.

I love photographing families and getting to know their personalities. I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do. It was so great to get to know you Garrison Family!


Beth & Julian || Wedding

Let me start by saying who doesn’t love a wedding on a beach! Am I right?

Beth & Julian were the first couple I met since moving to Tampa, and I couldn’t have been happier to document their special day. It was a perfect day, with an even more perfect couple. The ceremony took place at Fort Desoto park in St. Petersburg, and the reception was held at Farm Table Kitchen.

I hope you enjoy the picture as much as I do. Congrats!


Analeise || Senior Pictures

Last week I had a lovely visit from my Aunt and Cousin, we walked around Tampa and St. Pete for some Senior portraits.

I decided senior pictures are some of my favorite things to do, so send your seniors my way!! Thanks for being such a great model Analeise.

I hope you enjoy the photos as much as I do.
Analeise_Senior Pictures_.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-81.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-138.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-175.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-16.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-115.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-144.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-153.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-78.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-69.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-9.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-67.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-117.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-164.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-132.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-178.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-143.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-131.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-155.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-118.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-162.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-204.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-37.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-191.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-223.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-189.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-23.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-194.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-29.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-21.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-42.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-211.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-100.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-107.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-111.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-134.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-126.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-114.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-176.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-209.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-79.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-73.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-74.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-88.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-76.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-98.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-212.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-221.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-190.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-226.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-184.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-28.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-2.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-38.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-102.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-104.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-13.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-105.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-52.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-59.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-101.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-45.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-51.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-68.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-64.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-54.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-46.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-163.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-109.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-61.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-112.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-49.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-62.jpg

Analeise_Senior Pictures_-85.jpg


Ally || Lifestyle

On Tuesday I had a rare day off and wanted to take advantage of it with some fun, artsy pictures. Ally volunteered to be my model and we had so much fun climbing trees, drinking champagne and being creative.

We were going for a Boho-Chic,look and I think she nailed it. Thanks Ally!!

Enjoy the pictures.

























































Jenn & Adam || Maternity

Last week, I flew to Georgia to do maternity photos for Jenn & Adam!

First off, isn’t Jenn just the cutest pregnant person ever!! We strolled around Piedmont Park, then went back to their adorable apartment home to finish up our session.

I loved being able to photograph these two, you can see all the love they have for their soon to be new addition. I think they are going to be great parents and I know their baby girl is about to be spoiled with love. I can’t wait to meet her, thanks for letting us capture this life event for you two.

Enjoy the pictures
Jenn & Adam_Maternity-62.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-188.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-45.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-110.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-127.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-146.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-107.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-85.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-80.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-99.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-9.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-89.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-121.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-17.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-170.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-166.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-168.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-158.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-111.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-142.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-68.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-59.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-22.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-93.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-108.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-114.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-165.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-2.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-196.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-28.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-173.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-172.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-18.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-175.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-144.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-157.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-195.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-126.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-87.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-88.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-84.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-52.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-61.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-36.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-3.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-8.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-31.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-104.jpg

Jenn & Adam_Maternity-130.jpg


The Fitzgerald || Thirsty Thursday

Thirsty Thursday anyone? When you have a full Thursday off, what better to do than make a cocktail, relax and of course take pretty pictures of it. I am a big fan of gin and if you haven’t tried Prairie Organic Gin yet you should.

There are a lot of gin drinks out there, and this is one often gets forgotten because of it’s simplicity. Everyone meet The Fitzgerald!


2oz Praire Organic Gin
1 Tablespoon simple syrup
Half a lemon juiced
A few drops of bitters, I used Hella Bitters
2 Large ice cubes, a touch of lemon zest

STIR AND ENJOY!! Happy Sipping






Lettuce Park

A few weekends ago, I had the day off and we went to Lettuce Park (yes that’s the real name). I got to see my first Alligator, which was beyond awesome.
If you live in the Tampa area, go check it out. It is a super nice park and especially good for seeing wildlife and fishing.

Here are a few snaps from the weekend. Enjoy!

lettuce park-11.jpg
lettuce park-25.jpg
lettuce park-10.jpg
lettuce park-6.jpg
lettuce park-36.jpg
lettuce park-33.jpg
lettuce park-13.jpg